30 09 2008

So true, so true.

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20 09 2008

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19 09 2008

Replay Factor – Mix Tapes

15 09 2008
We’ve all done it, right?  You just had to express your feelings in song.  Maybe it was for a girl (or guy) or a friend or yourself, but you had something to say and since you’re not a gifted singer/songwriter or life’s not one giant musical, you sat in front of the stereo for hours and crafted the mix tape, the soundtrack for your feelings at the time.

In the digital age, is the concept of the mix tape still practiced or even relevant?  I sit down with Wednesday’s Haul podcast host Scott Cederlund to discuss.

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30 08 2008

Star Wars Rocks!

26 06 2008

In case you didn’t know…

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Journey: Escape – The Video Game

25 06 2008

Aaaaargh!!!  I remember this game!