New Release Tuesday – July 3rd, 2007

30 06 2007

Collie Buddz – S/T
Notorious B.I.G. – Life after Death: 10 Years Later (DVD)
Pastor Troy – Tool Muziq
Kelly Rowland – Ms. Kelly
Silverstein – Arrivals & Departures
T.I. – T.I vs. T.I.P.
Various Artists – Transformers: The Album
Velvet Revolver – Libertad

Remember, these are albums scheduled for U.S. release and all details subject to change without notice.

For a far more comprehensive list, check out’s new release information here.

“Transformers… more than meets the eye…”

Replay Factor for 06/26/07 Show Notes

26 06 2007

In this episode, I look forward to new albums by the Smashing Pumpkins, Velvet Revolver and the Transformers soundtrack.

I reviewed some recent used cd purchases including the Police, the Flaming Lips and Mike Post as well as soundtracks for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III and the X-Files show & movie.

Also, there was news about Queen + Paul Rodgers, Bob Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Prince and Ted Nugent.

Music played in this episode:
“Crash!” by the Propellerheads
“Don’t Stand So Close To Me ’86” by the Police
“Tarzan Boy” by Baltimora
“Flash” by Queen
“Stranglehold” by Ted Nugent
“So What’cha Want” by the Beastie Boys
“These Apples” by Barenaked Ladies
“Eminence Front” by the Who

Plus a promo for my View From The Cheap Seats co-host Scott Cederlund’s comic book podcast, Wednesday’s Haul.

Replay Factor… did you hear something?
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COMING SOON: Smashing Pumpkins, Transformers, Velvet Revolver

24 06 2007

Here are a few upcoming releases I’m looking forward to:

Various Artists – Transformers: The Album
Release Date: July 3 2007

1. Linkin Park “What I’ve Done”
2. Smashing Pumpkins “Doomsday Clock”
3. Disturbed “This Moment”
4. Goo Goo Dolls “Before It’s Too Late (Sam and Mikaela’s Theme)”
5. The Used “Pretty Handsome Awkward”
6. HIM “Passion’s Killing Floor”
7. Taking Back Sunday “What It Feels Like To Be A Ghost?”
8. Styles Of Beyond “Second To None”
9. Armor For Sleep “End Of The World”
10. Idiot Pilot “Retina and the Sky”
11. Julien-K “Technical Difficulties”
12. Mutemath “Transformers Theme”

I need another version of the Transformers theme…

Velvet Revolver – Libertad
Release Date: July 3 2007

***Track Listing Unavailable ***

Smashing Pumpkins – Zeitgeist
Release Date: July 10 2007

1. Doomsday Clock
2. 7 Shades of Black
3. Bleeding the Orchid
4. That’s the Way (my Love is)
5. Tarantula
6. Starz
7. United States
8. Neverlost
9. Bring the Light
10. (Come on) Let’s Go!
11. For God and Country
12. Pomp and Circumstances

If you purchase the album from iTunes, you get “Stellar” which is an iTunes exclusive bonus track and a digital booklet.

If you pre-order the album from iTunes (which I will be doing), you also get an E.P. featuring covers of SP songs:
“Rocket” by Bravery
“Tonight Tonight” by Panic At The Disco
“I Am One” by +44
“Mayonaise” by The Academy Is…
“Ava Adore” by Test Your Reflex

New Release Tuesday – June 26th, 2007

23 06 2007

Ryan Adams – Easy Tiger
Beastie Boys – The Mix-Up
Marc Broussard – S.O.S. Save Our Soul
Kelly Clarkson – My December
The Crystal Method – Drive *Best Buy Exclusive*
Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus (Soundtrack) (2CDs)
Sinead O’Connor – Theology
Pearl Jam – Live At The Gorge (7CDs)
Phil Perry – Mighty Love
Pharoahe Monch – Desire
Paul Simon – The Essential Paul Simon
Trin-I-Tee 5:7 – The Best Of Trin-I-Tee 5:7

Remember, these are albums scheduled for U.S. release and all details subject to change without notice.

For a far more comprehensive list, check out’s new release information here.

“You gotta fight… for your right… to paaaaaaaaaarty!’

Replay Factor for 06/19/07 Show Notes

20 06 2007

In this episode, I relay news about Underworld, Barenaked Ladies, Ringo Starr, Harry Potter, Moby, Asia and Def Leppard. For more on these articles and other music news, check out, and

I ran down some of the new releases from Tuesday, June 19th. For more new release information, check

I gave my review of The Traveling Wilburys Collection. For more information on this release, check

Music played in this episode:
“Crash!” by the Propellerheads
“Eminence Front” by the Who
“I’m Not Driving Anymore (Instrumental)” by Rob Dougan
“Wanted Dead Or Alive” by Bon Jovi
“Handle With Care” by the Traveling Wilburys
“These Apples” by Barenaked Ladies
“Over My Head” by King’s X

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REVIEW: The Traveling Wilburys – The Traveling Wilburys Collection (2CD/1DVD)

20 06 2007

In case you didn’t catch this in the latest FREE episode of Replay Factor

In 1987, George Harrison was having renewed success with his then recently released album ‘Cloud 9’. When asked to come up with a b-side for one of his singles, George assembled his friends Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan & Jeff Lynne and recorded the song “Handle With Care”. The people at Warner Bros. heard it and decided that this was too good to waste on a b-side. Harrison took the idea and ran with it; the Traveling Wilburys was born and ‘Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1’ was released the following year. That album, along with its 1990 follow-up ‘Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3’, went out-of-print in the late nineties.

17 years after the release of ‘Vol. 3’, Rhino Records has re-released the super-group’s landmark albums in a 2CD/1DVD set called ‘The Traveling Wilburys Collection’. This is all the Wilburys you’ll ever need; containing both albums in their entirety with bonus tracks, a half hour documentary and the band’s 5 music videos. A deluxe edition with a cloth bound cover and 40 page book is also available.

The first disc is devoted to ‘Vol. 1’ and its bonus tracks. Kicking off with “Handle With Care”, this album is chock full of jangly guitar pop goodness and features the five principals at the top of their game. Everyone writes, plays and sings and it shows; the songs manage to showcase the individuals while maintaining an overall cohesive sound that binds the album together. From Harrison’s signature slide guitar to Dylan’s social commentary lyrics; everyone has something to contribute. Tacked on to the end are the two bonus tracks, “Maxine” & “Ship In Line”, both previously unreleased.

Disc two is the DVD and holds the documentary and the music videos. The documentary, “The True Story of the Traveling Wilburys”, contains vintage material and runs through the creation of each song on ‘Vol. 1’. Informative and entertaining, it’s fun to watch these guys truly enjoying themselves. Unfortunately, it’s also incomplete; there is no footage regarding ‘Vol. 3’ and it would have been nice to get some interviews with the surviving members (George Harrison passed away in 2001). The music videos are entertaining but fairly routine for the time; look for the late John Candy’s brief cameo in “Wilbury Twist”.

Finally, the third disc contains ‘Vol. 3’ and its bonus tracks. Before this album was recorded, Roy Orbison passed away and his velvety smooth vocals are genuinely missed, giving the album a slightly different feel. The opening track, “She’s My Baby” is much more of a rocker than anything on its predecessor and that general attitude permeates the entire album. The instrumentation is denser and leans towards a 50’s rockabilly sensibility. There are two bonus tracks “Nobody’s Child” (from a compilation) & “Runaway” a cover of the Del Shannon hit.

If you enjoyed these albums originally or if you’re a fan of any of these artists, ‘The Traveling Wilburys Collection’ is a no-brainer purchase. Digitally remastered with good extras should be incentive enough even if you already own the originals.

If nothing else, this collection proves that they just don’t make all-star super-groups like they used to.

Rating: Music – **** out of ***** / Reissue – ***** out of *****

Replay Factor for 06/19/07

20 06 2007

More news, new releases and a review of the Traveling Wilburys Collection.