Replay Factor – Mix Tapes

15 09 2008
We’ve all done it, right?  You just had to express your feelings in song.  Maybe it was for a girl (or guy) or a friend or yourself, but you had something to say and since you’re not a gifted singer/songwriter or life’s not one giant musical, you sat in front of the stereo for hours and crafted the mix tape, the soundtrack for your feelings at the time.

In the digital age, is the concept of the mix tape still practiced or even relevant?  I sit down with Wednesday’s Haul podcast host Scott Cederlund to discuss.

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Journey: Escape – The Video Game

25 06 2008

Aaaaargh!!!  I remember this game!


Replay Factor for 01/15/08

15 01 2008

Brad discusses new releases for the week, Sony BMG’s MP3 strategy, Amazon’s music download service and other news.

Music featured in this episode:

Eminence Front by the Who

Your Love is Driving Me Crazy by Sammy Hagar

Why Can’t I (iTunes Originals version) by Liz Phair

These Apples by Barenaked Ladies

Profound by Finneus

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Replay Factor for 01/08/08

9 01 2008
It is a new year and we are back! Brad suffers through a head cold as he talks about some news from the end of 2007 to current.

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THE MOBY EQUATION: The Art of Selling Out

13 12 2007

Click this post’s title and head over to the Washington Post to see if your favorite artist has “sold out” using the “Moby Equation”.

I was going to do The Cult’s “She Sells Sanctuary” but I can’t remember what commercial I heard it in.

Damn you corporate America and your gobs of money!!! Stop helping musicians earn a living at the expense of their artistic integrity!!!

How Did I Not Hear About This Sooner…

10 12 2007



The 40th Anniversary year of Pink Floyd ends with a typical flourish, the release of, Oh By The Way, a spectacular limited edition box set which contains, for the first time ever, the band’s 14 studio albums. These classic albums are presented in mini vinyl wallets with all the original extras also miniaturised. Floyd’s longtime design wizard, Storm Thorgerson, has designed a sumptuous box, as well as miniaturising the original sleeve artwork. Oh By The Way is released on EMI Records on 10 December (11 December in the US).

This unique box set is the first time in Pink Floyd’s incomparable history that all of their standard studio albums have been packaged together and made available as a set. In addition to the albums and their extras the set comes with a specially designed 40th Anniversary Storm Thorgersonposter featuring 40 Floyd images.

Oh By the Way contains:

  • THE PIPER AT THE GATES OF DAWN (Single wallet) August 1967
  • A SAUCERFUL OF SECRETS (Single wallet) July 1968
  • MORE (Single wallet) June 1969
  • UMMAGUMMA (Gatefold 2 discs) November 1969
  • ATOM HEART MOTHER (Gatefold) October 1970
  • MEDDLE (Gatefold) November 1971
  • OBSCURED BY CLOUDS (Single wallet rounded corners) June 1972
  • THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON(Gatefold + 2 posters + 2 stickers) March 1973
  • WISH YOU WERE HERE (Single + liner + postcard + black shrinkwrap) September 1975
  • ANIMALS (Gatefold) February 1977
  • THE WALL (Gatefold 2 discs) December 1979
  • THE FINAL CUT (Single wallet) April 1983
  • A MOMENTARY LAPSE OF REASON (Gatefold) September 1987
  • DIVISION BELL (Gatefold) April 1994

Many of these 14 Pink Floyd albums regularly appear in the ‘Greatest’ lists of all time. They represent a body of artistic work which captured the imagination of fans across the globe.

Oh By The Way will be a must for the legion of Pink Floyd fans worldwide, who will note the careful reproduction of the original classic labels. The box set will no doubt be figuring high on the Christmas wish list of many of the new generation of Floyd fans, as the band’s musical legacy continues to exert a powerful appeal some 40 years after it played its first notes.

Now Me:

I just read about this yesterday and if I had the money I’d probably get it. I was such a HUGE Pink Floyd fan “back in the day”and this set is the mother load. I have only a handful of their albums anymore so this would get me back to full Pink Floyd power very quickly.

Check it out HERE.

“Into the distance, a ribbon of black…”

New Releases for Tuesday Dec 11th 2007

10 12 2007

MUSICAlbum / Artist:
Pink Floyd / Oh By the Way (16 CD Set)
Bow Wow/Omarion / Face Off
The Dream / Lovehate
Birdman / Five Star Stunna
Beanie Sigel / Solution
Wu Tang Clan / Diagrams
Mario / Go
Gucci Mane / Back to the Trap House

MUSIC DVDAlbum / Artist:
Celine Dion / A New Day: Live in Las Vegas (2 DVD)

Remember, these are scheduled for U.S. release and all details subject to change without notice.

For a far more comprehensive list, check out’s new release information here.

“Ticking away, the moments that make up the dull day…”